A balanced life in God

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength."
2 - Reflect
When people are truly passionate about something, they often reach the extremes in search of what they are passionate about. You've probably heard stories about swimmers who shave absolutely all body hair or weightlifters who take steroids and spend entire days in the weight room.

The Christian church was built by passionate people. Sometimes passion took them to unhealthy extremes; sometimes the extremists became heroes that others tried to imitate. The devotion to Christ led some to stay single as monks, nuns or priests and to see being single as a more holy state. These extreme examples of "being single" lead to an unhealthy reduction in regards to marriage.

Some passionate Christians, weary of the immorality that surrounded them, sometimes could not resist dictating laws and norms that God did not command, in an attempt to purify and protect the people from sin. At various times in the history of this country, Christian groups have condemned alcohol, cinema, theater, playing cards, and trade on Sunday.

What the Christian church needs in the 21st century is careful study of Scripture and balance. We have to help people navigate between the extremes of legality (imposing laws that God did not give) and debauchery (discarding the restrictions that God did impose) in the care of their temple. I encourage you to be totally passionate about Christ, this will lead you to live a life in perfect fulfillment.


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